Virtual Desktop

Get the software and hardware necessary for you to do your job. Wherever there’s an internet connection, your desktop is with you.

Your Desktop, Anywhere

Have your desktop applications and data ready, anywhere, on any device. Simply sign up for our service, let us know what applications you want to use, and voila – you’re up and running! Whether you’re chilling in a coffee shop or sitting on the train, you’ll always be at your desk.

VD Complete icon
Virtual Desktop Complete

Receive the hardware (smart monitor/keyboard/mouse) along with the virtual desktop access for one monthly cost per seat. You’re still able to work anywhere you have a connection, but for those businesses that don’t require mobility, this option eliminates the need for capital expenditure on desktop hardware.

VD Office Only icon
Virtual Desktop Office Only

Get all of the virtual experience without the hardware. This option is specifically for mobile-based businesses that are on the move and need a tablet or laptop. Have your desktop with you and don’t ever worry about licensing or versioning again.